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Studies show that children who have been exposed to STEM, will be more prepared for the future, and more likely to succeed. 

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STEM Academy
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253 Peterson Road
Libertyville, IL 60048

Tel: (224)433-6564

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Information listed will be kept private.
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STEM Academy for Kids
STEM Academy for Kids
STEM Program for Kids
STEM After School Program

Technologies You Will Learn

Artificial Intelligence STEM Class
Stem for Kids
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Popular Courses

STEM Academy focuses on providing a fun instructor led learning environment teaching Computer Coding & Animation to children. 

Activity Based Learning

Students learn computer coding and animation through activity based learning. 

Fosters Creativity

Children learn various methods to create artificial intelligence and think of new methods artificial intelligence & coding can be used in real life applications. 

Teaches Problem Solving Skills

Children learn what works, as well as what does not. Students engage in learning experiences through trial and error. 

Student Learn Animation & Coding

Give Your Child Learning Skills with High Demand STEM Skills

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

STEM Academy teaches children vital STEM Skills that will prepare them for the future. STEM Academy, which is a Kids Focused STEM Program, assists students in hands on STEM Learning, and engaging them to learn through real world experience.  

Best Industry Leaders

STEM Academy utilizes industry leading methods for teaching kids first hand methods of animated design and computer coding, and having children using them in real life experiences.

Students Have Fun & Learn Skills for the rest of their life.

Children learn new skills, and learn how to use them in real life applications. Students learn what works & use hands on learning to figure out to create new technologies.

Highly Personal | Highly Effective

Instructors personalize learning, and help students learn STEM Technologies. Instructors work with students to ensure students have fun and learn new skills.

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